Sabrina c.

birth + postpartum doula

Sabrina C. is a Birth and Postpartum doula serving families throughout Orange County. Sabrina feels her purpose in life is to support women by serving as a guide through pregnancy, labor, and the transition into motherhood.

Sabrina’s passion for birth work began as a young adult when she got the pleasure of attending the birth of her very own niece. Years later, her interest in birth work continued from the start of her own pregnancy to the birth of her daughter where Sabrina became confident that she wanted to pursue a career as a doula.

Sabrina’s birth experience is what shaped her doula practice and her priorities as a doula, the first being advocating for informed consent and the second being building confidence in women and their ability to birth. Sabrina firmly believes birth should not be something to just get through but instead be an unforgettably beautiful experience. She fully supports each and every family’s unique birth vision.

As a postpartum doula, Sabrina’s goal is to help in making new parents lives easier and full of joy. Whether that entail warming up a bottle, calming a fussy baby or bathing the baby while the parents rest, Sabrina hopes to be there to help make the transition into parenthood (or parenthood of multiples) as smooth as possible. She is a natural nurturer and makes it a priority to support a new mom’s emotional wellbeing by encouraging adequate rest, carving out time for self care and positive affirmation. She has extensive knowledge in newborn care and enjoys helping a new mom or dad build confidence in caring for and bonding with their baby.

In her free time, Sabrina enjoys spending time outdoors. Whether she’s gardening, hiking or reading a good book in the grass, Sabrina is happiest when she’s outside. When she can’t be outside, Sabrina likes cooking, dancing and doing crafts with her daughters. Sabrina hopes that her daughters will share her passion in birth work as they grow.