Birth + Postpartum

Unwavering support through your incredible adventure!


Birth Doula

Birth is beautiful in all its forms 

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We believe that birth is beautiful no matter what form it takes.

Birth is unique. It is unpredictable. It is beyond what a textbook or a doctor can describe. Your baby's birth day will be unlike any other day, so let's make it amazing!

We think you'll agree, support is key to making that happen. Imagine having an experienced labor coach and expert to call, text or email throughout your entire pregnancy, birth & early postpartum. 

If you’re looking for the best for your pregnancy & birth experience, we would love to be by your side. Birth Doula packages begin at $1450 and include support through pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum.

Your Birth Doula will answer your call, day or night.

From the time we sign a contract, your doula is available to you. She will answer your questions, offer guidance, provide resources, help you emotionally process the various stages of labor, and support you in achieving any specific birthing goals you may have. Her knowledge, expertise, compassion, and care will ensure that you are 100% fully supported through this experience. 

And let's not forget about your partner! Being a witness to birth is life changing. Your doula is attuned and experienced in supporting the various levels of involvement that each partner desires. Having a doula takes the pressure off your birth partner and provides space to be truly present for the birth of your baby. 

The care from Doulas of Long Beach is always unbiased and always custom-tailored to your wants and needs. Whether you desire an unmedicated home or hospital birth, are planning a cesarean, want the epidural, are birthing via surrogacy or growing your family via adoption, we will be by your side. 


Your Birth Doula package includes prenatal guidance, in-home preparation meetings, continuous comfort during labor and a welcome home support visit for you and baby! Our birth doulas help foster connection, confidence and calm during one of the most memorable and intense days of your life. We are well versed in families choosing pregnancy, IVF, surrogacy and adoption. 


postpartum doula

Because Birth is Just the Beginning


Having a baby changes everything.

You've made it through the birth fully supported by your partner, your medical team and your doula. Now what?

It's not uncommon to focus so much on pregnancy & birth that we actually forget about what will happen when the baby arrives. The birth of this little human is just the beginning of a vast journey, filled with ups and downs, questions, tears and loads of laughter.

Your DLB Postpartum Doula will provide comforting care and peace of mind in the weeks and months after your baby arrives, allowing you a gentle transition into parenthood. 

When reality sets in, your doula is just a phone call away to reveal the secrets of your babies unique behavior and help you establish your own unique parenting style. Our doulas offer daytime and overnight care to ensure that you are taking care of yourself by getting adequate sleep, healthy meals, and space to reflect. 

A postpartum doula is like having a parenting manual, a baby whisperer and a cherished friend all rolled into one. 

She is reliable, caring and committed to making your experience the most positive and stress-free as possible. Doulas of Long Beach is here for you so you don't have to go it alone.

If you’re looking for the best newborn and postpartum support for your family, we would love to customize a package that exceeds your expectations. Our most popular packages range from $5700-$19,800. Contact us to design a package that meets your family’s needs.



  • Breast, Chest, + Bottle Feeding Support

  • Parenting Expertise

  • Hands-On In-Home Education

  • After-Birth Care

  • Emotional Support

  • Gear Tutorials

  • Nursery Organization + a Tidy Home

  • Light Meal Preparation

  • Space to Rest, Reflect, Relax


  • More Sleep!

  • Gentle Recovery From Birth

  • Breast, Chest, + Bottle Feeding Support

  • Pumping Support

  • Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

  • Evening Sibling Care

  • Night Nanny Services

  • Gentle Sleep Shaping

  • Experience with Multiples

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