A Wedding Planner... But For Pregnancy + Birth

I'm currently planning a wedding and I'll be damned if it isn't one of the hardest things I've ever done. So many appointments, so much creative vision, and all of it leading up to this one monumental day where my life will change for the better. Not much different than the journey many expecting parents go through!

The other day I was speaking to Chelsea about my wedding and I mentioned how grateful I was for my Wedding Coordinator, Amber. It was in that conversation that I coined the phrase "Wedding Doula" and that got me thinking... Wedding Coordinators and Birth Doulas are basically the same.


Similar to the planning and logistical assistance throughout engagement provided by a wedding coordinator, birth doulas offer support throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy. From providing you with resources to giving you feedback on local hospitals and care providers - your doula is there for you in the early stages of preparing for the big day. She will hold your hand when you're freaking out, give you tools to manage your stress, and take the pressure off so you can enjoy the journey. 



Having never planned a wedding before, I'm working with a deficit. There is a lot I don't know and that scares me more than anything. The same can be said about childbirth. Much of the fear our clients experience is the fear of the unknown. But with a doula by your side, you have the wisdom of a professional at your disposal. Your doula is there to give you information on birth choices, hospital protocols, and to help you create a birth plan. On the day of your birth her expertise with various positions and comfort measures helps you remain relaxed and in control.


I've had my fair share of freak outs while planning my wedding and Amber is always there to help keep me calm, provide reassurance, and help keep me focused on what truly matters. A doula is no different. Birth can be stressful, painful and overwhelming and having someone there to massage your back, breathe with you, & tell you you're a beautiful goddess is worth it's weight in GOLD! Her peaceful presence gives you and your partner the reassurance and the confidence you need to meet your baby on your terms.


The Florist. The Caterer. The Bartender. These are the people you hire to make your wedding amazing. During your labor and birth you have your nurse, your OB, and your partner all there to support you... not to mention a few more people thrown in for good measure. They will all be talking to you at different times, asking questions, and sharing their professional opinions. Your doula keeps track of each of them (yes, by name) and helps make sure they're all on the same page with your birth preferences and fully on board to support you in the way that you need. She helps you advocate for yourself when decisions are being made and keeps the line of communication with the team flowing beautifully. She guides your partner to give you comfort and encouragement at just the right moment and gives him/her space to step back and rest as needed. Balls in the air? She's in charge of them all!



The big day is when your Wedding Coordinator and your Birth Doula truly shine. When stress levels rise and things may not be going as planned, your doula is the calm amongst the storm. Her soothing voice, her strong pain-relieving touch, her effortless way of meeting your every need - these are the things you'll remember about your doula. On the day of your birth you'll truly understand why everyone told you to hire one and you'll be so happy she's with you. Much like a wedding planner she will work her tail off to ensure that your baby's birth day is as beautiful, meaningful, and stress-free as possible! 

In your Doula you will find a trusted advisor, an empowering presence, and a heart of gold. You will create a deep bond with her throughout pregnancy and birth and she will be someone that you will call upon for support time and time again. There is no limit to her care and after the dust fades, the hormones regulate, and the big day gets further and further behind you, you'll look back and know that the investment of hiring her was beyond worth it.