Hello, We Are Your Neighborhood Doulas!

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by to our little corner of the internet! We'd love to share with you a little bit about Doulas of Long Beach and how we came to be. 

We are Lauren Jacobs and Chelsea Lynn Croce and we are your neighborhood doulas!

We founded Doulas of Long Beach in the Winter of 2017 and are excited to serve this vibrant community with love, compassion, and unconditional support. Together we have vetted and hired a team of professional doulas to serve every family and every choice. Our doulas are the best of the best and they will wholeheartedly support you through the ups and downs, and the joys and fears of pregnancy, parenthood and beyond. 

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What is Doulas of Long Beach? 

Doulas of LB is a full-service doula agency that offers Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Belly Binding and Private Childbirth Education throughout Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood and the surrounding areas. It is our goal as doulas, educators, and birth workers to make a positive impact on people's birth and postpartum experiences. Our society makes it really tough to navigate the childbearing years with confidence. With our guidance, education and support you'll have everything you need to enter this next journey of life feeling empowered and prepared!

Why a Doula Agency?

As independent doulas, both Chelsea and I felt very limited with how much support we ourselves  could give to each individual family. The frustration built as the demand for support increased throughout our time as doulas. By building a doula agency, we are able to expand our support with our team of doulas. Additionally, living a life on call can be tough and we want our clients trust that their doula will well-rested and healthy when providing them support. We work in teams of two, sharing on-call schedules and backing each other up when needed. This model provides seamless care for all of our clients and creates sustainability and strong self-care practices for each of our doulas as well. 

We are honored to have this team working alongside us and can't wait for you to meet them!

We invite you to stay tuned, here on the blog and on our website as well for updates with services, private class offerings, and support groups in 2018. We are eager to meet you and would love for you to introduce yourselves via phone, email, on social media or in the comments below!